Frequent Questions
Do I really need to stay the whole weekend?
The spirit of Kansas Dialogue is to participate in the entire weekend. This is how we all get the most out of it. You may have special circumstances, but we hope you will be able to experience the retreat the way it’s been designed! You’ll be very glad you stayed. (The registration cost is the same.)

Why do you want me to register early?
We really mean it when we say that we design the weekend around you. We ask attendees to reveal themselves 2 – 3 months out if they can. We give you a $25 discount to encourage early registration! Our conveners will be meeting in June to start finalizing topics.

May I bring my family?
Absolutely! Please bring your spouse, companion or children. There is a special $25 registration rate to encourage student participation.

What are conveners?
Kansas Dialogue is an all-volunteer organization. The Conveners are an ad hoc group of people who determine the topics, schedule, and activities of the weekend, often acting as facilitators of the sessions.

Each year a committee of people from the host community takes on the task of of local planning logistics and connections.

Will there be any carpools?
Email us if you're interested, and we’ll certainly try to facilitate it.

What shall I wear?
Dress comfortably and casually! It’s August in Kansas. Whatever works for you.

Are there any scholarships available?
Yes. We are eager to have people from many different perspectives joining the conversation. If the registration fee is preventing you from coming, please let us know your circumstances.

Additional questions?

Ground Rules

The Spirit and Ground Rules of our retreat:

1. RELAX! We are all here for an extended retreat. Dress is casual.

2. The intent of this gathering is to share ideas, develop understanding, and build relationships with the objective of personal and state renewal.  

3.  We respect all viewpoints and treat each other with courtesy, even when we disagree.

4. Everyone who attends sessions, including teenagers, is encouraged to participate in the program. All perspectives are important. 

5. All discussions are off the record. We want to create a space where people can communicate very honestly and freely without concern. No cameras or recording devices are allowed, and please do not blog, Twitter, Facebook, or use any other new media to report on our weekend. Journalists are requested not to seek interviews with fellow participants. 

6. Each dialogue will be headed by facilitators, who may make comments of 4-8 minutes each, depending on the time period and number of facilitators. Their job is to make opening remarks that frame the discussion, or introduce some questions to ponder. Then the dialogue begins, as members of the audience respond first to the panelists, and then interact with each other.

7. Please say yes. Because of the large number of topics, dozens of registrants will be asked to help make opening comments at different times. Please check the final schedule to see if you have an assignment, and don’t be intimidated if the topic is out of your normal zone. You’re not expected to be an expert, and this format is pretty informal.

8. Costs for the gathering are funded by participant registrations, with occasional in-kind donations.

9. This is a non-partisan activity. We talk plenty of politics, but are not sponsored by any organization. We hope that there will be a great mix of political viewpoints in the room.

10. The spirit of Kansas Dialogue is to retreat for the whole weekend and watch the synergies develop. Please make every effort to stay the entire time.

One of the reasons people come back to Kansas Dialogue year after year is that it is so refreshing to attend a meeting where nothing is expected from you! You won’t be writing action strategies, adding to your To Do list, or getting drafted for a committee. Just enjoy the weekend!