About Kansas Dialogue:

Who participates … 

Politiciansjournalistsentrepreneurs, homemakers,  studentsretireesartistsarchitects, 
rural leaders, state government officials,  leadership consultants, fund raisers, physicians, school principals, corporate heads,  religious leaders, university professors, media producers, farmers, 
judges, physicists, new residents to Kansas, volunteers, teachers, event organizers, non profit staff, yoga teachers, authors, dieticians, bankerspark managers...

...Kansas experts, engineers, foundation heads,  musicians, marketing experts, military, librarians,
computer whizzes, lawyers,  psychologists, retailers, community developers, naturalists, novelists,
cosmetologists, trainers, pharmacists, photographers, nurses, writers, community volunteers, social workers, geologists, newspaper editors, tourism promoters, energy consultants, 
real estate investors, poets, energy workers, historians, ranchers... and more.     

        They are some of the most interesting people you'll meet in Kansas!

How many people attend … 
Around 80 – 100 people attend each year. Small group discussions consists of  8–20 people each. 

What will we talk about … 
Remember, we don’t design the final program until we know who’s coming and what they want to talk about. We’re waiting for your registration form! Rest assured there will be something for everyone.

What’s the history of Kansas Dialogue … 
Kansas Dialogue started in 1993 as a project loosely modeled after the national “Renaissance Weekend” program. Well-known people from the worlds of Kansas politics, media, business, education, and government formed the original “Conveners” panel. Each year has a different theme, flavor, and geographic location. Kansas Dialogue moves throughout the state to cities large and small, which stimulates discussion and builds community.    (Click here for more details on the first twenty years)

What is the Kansas Dialogue format … 
The reason we call this “dialogue” is because all the discussions are kicked off by a couple of facilitators who launch the conversation with brief comments. But then it’s up to you to respond and interact with your small group. Everyone is encouraged to participate.

During the course of the weekend there will be a variety of discussion formats: general sessions, when the whole group is together; concurrent sessions of about 20 people; and round tables of 8. The topics run from serious to informative to humorous. 

Let us know what you want to talk about when you fill out your registration.

Why haven't I heard about Kansas Dialogue before?
We don't promote Kansas Dialogue because it's not for everybody.  It takes a special kind of person to want to retreat for a weekend and immerse in conversation with people you don't know.  We have learned it is best as a word-of-mouth thing.  Friends share it with friends.  Family with family.  Work colleagues recruit others. For some it's a buddy weekend, or a family outing.  It's cool to have a new adventure to share with your partner.  We also have plenty of solo attendees who come, not knowing anyone else...  but thirsty for intelligent conversation.  You'll quench your soul at Kansas Dialogue!