Welcome to a unique event:  Kansas Dialogue. Since 1993, people from all corners of Kansas and many walks of life have gathered for a weekend retreat.  We come to explore the big and little, serious and fun issues that shape our state, world, workplace and family.

It’s been called “a weekend-long dinner party”, and that’s pretty accurate! You get the opportunity to meet people you wouldn’t meet otherwise, cover some fascinating topics, learn, laugh, and go home. There is no new committee or “To Do” list at the end of it.  

We like to explore different Kansas communities to experience their unique culture and perspective. In 2019 we traveled west to Colby to experience the High Plains.  It was an incredible visit with sessions at Lon Frahm's high tech farm, and a private tour of the Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park. In August 2022 we will journey to the far northeast corner of the state to the community of Leavenworth.  Make sure you're on our email list and we'll keep you posted on the details as they develop.

1) This is an off-the-record conversation. We have public figures in our midst, and they need to be able to speak freely.  We all do.

2)  Kansas Dialogue starts Friday evening and lasts until Sunday noon. Meals are provided, and we go from first thing in the morning until nearly bedtime. You’ll get the most out of it when you immerse yourself in the experience. 

3)  We literally design the content details of the retreat around you.  We want to know who is coming, and what you want to talk about.  (That's why we ask people to register 2-3 months before the event, and give a special discount to those who do.)

If you're planning to attend Kansas Dialogue, please read each page of this brief website to get acquainted with our format and philosophy.  We look forward to having you join us for this very special weekend.

If you'd like to join our mailing list, or have any specific questions, please fill in the contact box below.

Best wishes on behalf of the Conveners,

Martha Slater Farrell 
Andover, KS
Phone: 316-452-4405
Three things are very important to the chemistry of Kansas Dialogue:

"A fantastic experience."   
"The most inclusive group I've ever met."   
"Brain candy."   
"Inspiring.  Heartwarming."  
"No better way to have a little vacation."   
"I was a happy camper."  
 "Great sessions, quality people."
            "One of the best conferences ever."              
    "A stimulating and provocative time."                 
"An amazing set of people."    
"Astounding topics. Things I might not have considered."   
"Well worth the time and expense."  
"Will never forget..."    
"I wish I had started coming years ago."
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We've been bringing folks together for 
great conversation since 1993.

"An amazing set of people."  "Great thinkers, great venues."
"I wish I had started coming years ago."
Join us for "First Thoughts" in the First City of Kansas! 
Kansas Dialogue XXVII is August 19 - 21, 2022
Final registration deadline is Wed August 10th.